About Us


Established in 2013 in Nairobi as the sister company to Iraq Gate Insurance, which was founded in 2009 in Baghdad by Jonathan Biles. Jonathan is a Chartered Accountant, experienced Lloyd’s Broker and leading industry expert in high risk and non standard insurance throughout the Middle East and Africa ; as such Iraq Gate Insurance Brokers LLC is the only Western owned and operated insurance and reinsurance broker fully authorised and licensed to operate in Iraq.

Africa Gate provides unique, flexible and tailor-made insurance solutions. We are specialists at placing non standard and high risk business as unlike other brokers this is our core business. Our difference comes from:


We pride ourselves in operating to the highest international standards of integrity and probity: we operate segregated bank accounts for client monies, carry full Errors & Omission insurance and ensure that clients achieve full compliance with local law and regulations at all times.


Africa Gate operates on a “transparent” basis to provide clients operating in Africa with the highest quality insurance products and excellent service levels at the best possible price. There are no hidden charges, mark ups or fees charged by us simply because you are operating in Africa– what you pay is the best rate achievable.

Best in class client service

Our approach allows us to represent the African & Iraq operations of some of the world’s best known companies who demand the highest levels of integrity, excellence in service and a transparent approach.

Added Value

Africa Gate offers clients international service levels, levels of product sophistication and security together with full compliance with local law:

    • 24/7 customer service on the ground in Africa from our main office in Nairobi
    • Claims handling, surveying and servicing
    • Liaison with local and national Government and regulators across all ministries and government bodies

Added value at all levels when operating in Africa


Africa Gate has a broad selection of relationships with local, regional and international insurance and reinsurance companies including Lloyd’s of London and has delegated authority for African insurance companies allowing painless, hassle free and cost effective fronting arrangements.

Our partnerships with leading specialist brokers in London and elsewhere allows the most sophisticated products to be deployed, combined with local service. Africa Gate is fully capable of and experienced in working with any London or other international broker on reinsurance marketing as may be required or preferred by clients.

Complete National Service

Our expertise and knowledge means we know what the international business community expects from their insurance provisions in emerging markets, and this with our approach, which is to be on the ground with our clients in Africa, makes us unique.