Mining & Extractive Industries

Today’s mining industry is a challenging business – high value machinery, high risk environments, complex liability and the constant threat from a variety of challenges to revenue streams that are of critical interest and value to investors, financiers, management and workforce.

With Africa Gate’s specific focus on the challenges faced by miners operating in Africa and our extensive experience in managing the myriad challenges of emerging and high risk environments we are increasingly the insurance partner of choice for operators of extractive enterprises on the Continent.

Africa Gate has proven expertise in working with mining operations across the Continent with specific knowledge of:

  • Surface and underground operations
  • Coal mines
  • Precious metal mines
  • Non metal mines
  • Mining processors

We look at your risk on a holistic basis-starting with the nature of your operation, your risk appetite, the risk management strategy in place and the personnel the strategy you are following and the often challenging regulatory and legal environment and build programmes from the ground up to suit you as a client and to satisfy the requirements of your backers.

We work alongside you on the ground in Africa with a value added approach that delivers specific know how of your operating environment and your specific risks.

We are refreshingly different to others – please give us a call so that we can show you that.